It is crucial to be sharp when it comes to safety


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  • Local data storage
  • High level security
  • Short retention time 

Data processing

DataCheckers’ objective is to protect you and your organisation against persons and or companies that can cause you damage. By identifying people and companies in the right way, you do not run unnecessary risks. We take the necessary actions to comply with the laws and regulations in the field of data and privacy to protect the data of companies and consumers.

DataChecker handles and provides access to sensitive data sources. With DataChecker you have the certainty that your data processes meet the highest quality standards. We simplify the acceptance process and immediately build up a secure digital file. Safe for you and your customer, but safe with regard to the (GDPR) Global Document and Privacy Regulations.

Data Storage

DataChecker invests significantly in keeping information safe.
DataChecker is responsible and behaves transparently. We will never sell your information to third parties. In addition, DataChecker uses appropriate standards of technology and operational security to protect personal information, including secure servers (based in the Netherlands) and network firewall connections.

DataChecker does not store the personal data longer than is strictly necessary to realise the goals for which the data is collected. We therefore use a retention period of 48 hours after processing. However, our customers do have the option to store the data for a longer period of time, this is made possible by using our data archive tool.

We are fully registered and we have received our ICO Certificate , our registration number is: ZB333063

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