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Mac Donalds

DataChecker has over ten years of experience in the online verification of personal and company data in both the United Kingdom and abroad. Based on extensive experience and up-to-date expertise, DataChecker advises its customers and partners on various options for identifying people and/or organisations. The DataChecker technical specialists are happy to work with you to check the possibilities for the most optimal solution.

The DataChecker team consists of:

  • Document experts
  • Developers
  • Product
  • Marketing & sales
  • Customer support
  • Project managersschermafbeelding-2020-10-07-om-16-18-57(1).png

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DataChecker was founded in 2008 as a partner company of ID-Checker, with the idea of combining ID verification and data in an online environment. In 2012, DataChecker became independent, forming its own identity with the support of ID-Checker. Therefore DataChecker is able to meet market demand even better with sustainable and innovative solutions.

DataChecker Culture

You will find a combination of professional and personal culture within DataChecker. Everything revolves around the client, and as a team, we ensure that the job is done. We strive for a working environment that makes the team feel comfortable achieving personal growth while contributing to the growth of DataChecker. All projects are extensively evaluated and we always celebrate our successes.