OCR: Accelerating Data Extraction

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  • Fast Data Extraction
  • Cross checking MRZ and VIZ
  • Stronger Validation in Combination with NFC Data

Manually entering data from identity documents is time-consuming and error-prone. DataChecker's OCR technology overcomes these limitations by processing text from documents quickly and accurately. This minimizes human error and improves the efficiency of the verification process. This not only speeds up identification, but also reduces the risk of errors.


In a time when digital security and reliability are of crucial importance, technology plays an essential role in ensuring comprehensive solutions for online identification processes. DataChecker's commitment to innovation has led to the development of advanced technologies such as Face Comparison, Autocapture, Deepfake Detection, OCR and NFC. These technologies work together to combat identity fraud, increase accuracy and provide a seamless user experience. With this technological core, DataChecker clients can rely on a robust and secure identification process in the rapidly evolving digital world.