Remediation: your customer files fixed in no time

Using personal data correctly and storing it in accordance with the latest legislation and regulations is becoming increasingly important. As a company, you must always be fully informed about the latest data protection laws and regulations. So, how do you ensure that you store all of your customers’ and/or staff members’ data safely?

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Advantages of ID repair

  • Afraid of an audit? Worry no more!
  • Your ID verification process fixed in no time.
  • From countless cardboard boxes to online customer ID files.
  • Reliable next-level ID verification.

Leading the way in secure identity

Many companies need to verify the identity of their customers and keep proof thereof. With the ID repair solution from DataChecker, the identification, verification and storage of personal data takes place in a secure online environment, fully in line with the latest data protection legislation and regulations. Which means that annual audit anxiety can be completely eliminated. Through the steps below, we gather insights on your company’s onboarding process and determine which identification and verification solution is most appropriate for you.


Analysis phase, process inventory

Our legal and regulatory experts map the business-critical elements of your onboarding process through technical workflows and user experiences.



Receive advice on how to ensure maximum security, smooth onboarding and flexibility within the frameworks for the future.


SLA; technology/document experts

We translate data into solutions, offering essential support that is specific to your organisation, user-friendly and GDPR-proof.


Plug-and-play solution

At various expert levels, we monitor every check and contact you immediately if we find that you could use support.

ID repair solutions with results

With DataChecker’s ID repair solutions, you no longer have to deal with supervisors, manage boxes full of copies of IDs, or sweat about that annual audit. As your partner, we stay on top of your onboarding process(es) and link flexible solutions to it, ensuring your company remains top-notch in the field of safe identification.

Real-time fraud detection Real-time fraud detection
Fast and easy customer onboarding Fast and easy customer onboarding
Reduced compliance costs Reduced compliance costs
Compliant with laws and regulations Compliant with laws and regulations

Features and modules

Our legal and regulatory experts map the business-critical elements of your onboarding process through technical workflows and user experiences.

  • ID verification
  • Analysis
  • Checks
  • NFC (function/ +)
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Expertise
  • Customisation

DataChecker: over 10 years of experience in online identification and verification

Afraid of the audit? Worry no more! DataChecker is progressive in the field of customer remediation solutions. This progressive attitude goes further than the actual solution and the development of the technologies we use.

Want to meet your online identification and verification requirements without any issues? Our experts are happy to map your processes. 

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Online identification and verification solutions


By using DataChecker’s ID verification, it is possible to verify the authenticity of any type of passport, identity card, residence permit or driver’s license within the framework of current legislation and regulations.

Right To Work Check

An up-to-date personnel file is mandatory for organisations with employees. The RTW check provides an overview of a person’s identity and other employment documents.

Know Your Customer

With a KYC check, you gain insight into the financial condition of individuals and organisations. Hence, you always know exactly who you are doing business with.

Secure ID Link

Set up remote identification and verification with the Secure ID Link. Thanks to our privacy policy, we guarantee encrypted processing of personal data.