Randstad: "DataChecker arranged the onboarding within six weeks"

Randstad is the global leader in the HR services industry, founded in 1960. We help people find work and shape careers. Flawless onboarding with online identification and verification is of great importance. Randstad has been using DataChecker's total solution with satisfaction since 2019. Head of ICT at Randstad, Hans Hoogerhuis, explains why DataChecker is so important, even now that our country is dealing with new refugees who want to work.

Randstad works with DataChecker's Right to Work check, which checks identification and employment documentation according to local law. Both processes are partly automated and partly manual. Not only does Datachecker's Optical Character Reading tool automatically check whether documents are 'real', a document expert also manually verifies the document by checking for authenticity features. In this way, DataChecker guarantees that the documents are legitimate.

DataChecker is the partner with a unique total solution

Hans Hoogerhuis: “It is very important for Randstad to work with a partner who seamlessly guides the onboarding process. Our goal is always to help companies achieve their objectives through the deployment of the best people and the most innovative customized solutions. But in order to function properly, you must consistently meet all the requirements placed on your organization. The employee's privacy must remain paramount. DataChecker is the best collaborative partner in this regard, because it offers a unique total solution.”


Focus on full integration of systems

The start of the collaboration between Randstad and DataChecker was on the eve of the corona pandemic. Hoogerhuis: “DataChecker had arranged the existing onboarding in the summer of 2019 within six weeks. The focus was on complete integration of both our systems. So not only ID verification, but also the Right to Work check. Then corona came and the world changed in one fell swoop.”

“Our physical contact with new employees disappeared and onboarding had to be completely digitized. DataChecker has also made great progress in this regard: within a few weeks we were fully digital, onboarding several thousand people per day - three times as many as we could handle before. In addition, DataChecker also takes care of supplementing our customer files; the extracted data flows back into our CRM system via a callback.”

Triangle of convenience, user experience and security

The corona pandemic seems to be on its way out so far, so face-to-face contact is easier again. Hoogerhuis: “We want to continue to work smoothly and safely. The verification obligation, retention obligation and duty of care must all be in order. We operate in the triangle of convenience, user experience and safety.

Young people like to work on their smartphones with fingerprint or facial recognition, but onboarding with biometric control is not permitted by law. As an organization, you are therefore constantly looking for the best solution in terms of ease of use, and DataChecker always thinks along with us.”


Hoogerhuis also notes that the collaboration with DataChecker has greatly improved Randstad's business operations: “work is done quickly and reliably and the digital systems are easily accessible. I therefore look optimistically at the future of our collaboration. We always have to keep pushing the buttons to do even better. But the overall process doesn't actually need any change. We always look together at how we can further optimize all steps in the chain.”

Employment development

This also applies to a new challenge at Randstad: the influx of Ukrainians who would like to roll up their sleeves in the Netherlands. Since it became known that refugees were allowed to work freely in the Netherlands, verification requests have been approved based on certain standards. In consultation with Randstad, DataChecker adjusted the process so that the ID documents could be approved in combination with a UWV application. DataChecker regularly advises Randstad on developments in the market, adjusting work processes if necessary.

Influx of refugees

One of these is the process surrounding a residence sticker that is issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) to third-country nationals who have fled from Ukraine. This sticker is valid until the beginning of March 2023. In addition to a registration form from the UWV and a passport, Randstad must now also offer an IND sticker in the passport. DataChecker has already responded to this new development by checking in the Right to Work verification whether all documentation is available and whether these people can get started via Randstad.

Hans Hoogerhuis: “The collaboration with DataChecker is always pleasant and goal-oriented, even in the changing employment market. They always need half a word and know exactly how open communication helps Randstad work smarter!”

About DataChecker: As an end-to-end SaaS company, DataChecker is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of online identification, verification and employment checks. Completely online remotely with our own technology and support. They recently received the FD Gazellen for one of the fastest growing companies in 2021. In 2019, DataChecker introduced its services in the UK market and in 2022 DataChecker started offering its services on the Belgian market.