Violation of the Dutch law of labour resulted in a large fine

28 april 2020

The Dutch authorities have been investigating the working conditions of the hotels in Amsterdam. Based on the research of the inspection they handed out multiple fines to a cleaning company in Amsterdam. The total fine imposed on the cleaning company will be €51.250, -.

The Cause

Two foreigners, who weren’t allowed to work by the Dutch Law of foreigner's labour, worked in various hotels for the cleaning company. The violation of this law resulted in a fine of €16.000,-. The hotels were held accountable too, therefore they have received a fine as well.  

However, this is not the only committed violation of the cleaning company. They also violated the law of minimum wage and the law of minimum holiday bonus, this resulted in a total fine of €20.250. Besides, the cleaning company received another a fine of €15.000,- for not complying to the law of working hours. 


Prevent sanctions

Organisations, who are hiring external staff, are required to check and process identity documents regularly. To prevent the risk of a fine it’s essential to investigate if a person has the right to work in the Netherlands. DataChecker is able to execute the identification process including a check on additional documents according to the current Dutch regulations.