The coronavirus, Secure ID Link allows to continue your business without any physical contact

28 april 2020

An outbreak of the coronavirus originated in China, Wuhan, in December 2019. The spread of the disease is going really fast and it has reached Europe in the shortest timeframe. Those who have been infected can get the COVID-19. Globally, there are measures to prevent further spread of the disease which DataChecker has adapted instantly.

Avoid physical contact

The virus is transmitted by physical contact or by sneezing and couching in front of others. Those who have been infected are primarily suffering from the fever and respiratory afflictions. The coronavirus has now also reached the Netherlands and the RIVM* recommends minimising physical contact to prevent further spread.


The effect on the economy

The RIVM recommends inhabitants of Noord-Brabant, a Northern province in the Netherlands, to work from home if they experience the slightest symptoms of the virus. Besides, companies closing the doors temporarily as a precaution which resulted in large number of employees working from home. This sudden change effects, for example, a lot of employment agencies strongly.  Therefor they can’t have physical contact with their candidates anymore which results in why identity documents can’t be scanned on location.


DataChecker offers the solution for remote verification

DataChecker supports many organisations with a remote version of the identification- and verification process. In this manner organisations contribute to the limitation of the disease and the remote solution ensures the continuation most of the business processes. We are the only party who provides this remote solution through the Secure ID Link.

With the Secure ID Link your organisation can easily send a request to identify or verify by SMS or email to any person worldwide. The candidate, client or employee can upload every type of identity document with a smartphone or tablet. DataChecker does the verification on authenticity features and employment in a secure environment. This process is secure and safe for all parties involved. At this moment we already have 4 organisations who switched to this proved remote solution as due to the coronavirus.


*RIVM = National Institute for Public Health and the Environment