Coronavirus, the perfect time for remote customer remediation?

29 september 2020

Last week we wrote a blog concerning the effect of corona in the flex industry. It’s clear that the coronavirus affects business processes in almost every industry. Organisations are obliged to change business processes due to the coronavirus. This week we will talk about the financial sector. What is the effect of Corona in this market and what can DataChecker do for this market?

The effect of Corona on the financial sector

It’s essential for financial institutions to keep their client files up-to-date to comply with the AML. If the continuity of these processes can’t be ensured, they risk large fines from the authorities.

Customer Remediation, keeping the client files up-to-date, can be arranged in various ways in accordance with laws and regulations. Various organisations oblige their customers to verify the identity and authenticity features. Staff is needed for the execution of this process and with the advice of the government to work from home this is not ideal.


Remote customer remediation

DataChecker supports organisations with Remote Customer Remediation. With the use of our solutions your organisation can contribute to the limitation of the spread of the coronavirus. Besides, your organisation can continue their business processes with Customer Remediation. A lot of people are working from home due to the coronavirus. This is the perfect time for organisations to verify the identity and the identity documents.

With DataChecker’s Secure ID Link and ID-Selfie you are able to verify identity documents, remotely and in a secure way. You can send the Secure ID Link and the ID-Selfie via SMS or e-mail. The process is safely arranged in accordance with laws and regulations for all parties involved. Our solutions can be integrated easily into the current process for current- and new customers.