Remote verification is indispensable for healthcare sector

28 april 2020

In our previous blogs, we have described what the coronavirus means for business processes in various sectors. This week we dedicate our blog to the health care sector and the fact that people are required to stay home as much as possible. Organisations have anticipated and a large part of the staff is working from home as due to the virus. This way of working requires online tools for communication between staff, customers and patients, among others.


Telemedicine is a form of health care in which the doctor gives advice remotely by using telecommunication. A medical consultation via telecommunication is a good solution to deal with the current situation for healthcare. In this way, both practitioner and patient are not at risk, while appropriate advice can be given based on the complaints.


Ensuring privacy and security

It’s crucial that the identity of the patient is verified securely before sharing privacy data from the medical file. According to laws and regulations it’s mandatory to guarantee the privacy and security of patient data.


 “We are seeing a significant increase in the need for remote verification from both existing and new customers. Online consultancy can play a crucial role for healthcare, especially in difficult times like these, and identity verification is indispensable”. - Walter Codeé, CEO DataChecker 


Remote verification

With DataChecker’s Secure ID Link combined with the ID selfie you can easily verify the identity document and the identity of a patient in a secure and remote way. You can send the Secure ID Link with a request for face verification easily via SMS or e-mail. The process is set up safely for all parties involved in accordance with laws and regulations. The process can be easily and quickly integrated for both current and new customers.