Autocapture new in the Secure ID Link & ID-Selfie

28 april 2020

Covid-19 obliges us to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and to avoid contact with people as much as possible. Developments in today’s world confirm that remote verification is becoming increasingly important. Even during this difficult period, DataChecker remains committed to improving its service.

We proudly present the improved Secure ID Link! It was already possible to identify and verify people remotely via the Secure ID Link. But thanks to the new Autocapture function you’re able to execute this process even faster. Besides that, we increased the usability of the new Secure ID Link.   

Autocapture is also integrated in the ID-Selfie. With DataChecker’s Secure ID Link combined with the ID selfie you can easily verify the identity document and the identity of a person in a secure and remote way. Autocapture takes a photo automatically if the person smiles in the oval which is provided.

Companies are required to identify and verify people prior the employment. By implementing the Secure ID Link you are able to continue this process, even in this circumstances.  This service complies with all the laws and regulations concerning identification and verification.

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