Know who you're doing business with in times of corona!

22 juni 2020

Fraudsters noticed that the use of online communication tools increased significantly since the 1,5 meter economy and since that the inhabitation worldwide is working from home. Criminals are creative in uncertain times and respond quickly to the fear as due to the coronavirus.

In order to prevent financial- and image damage during this period, it’s crucial for both organisations and individuals to know who they’re doing business with and to handle personal data with care.


The German government was scammed for €880,000 by two Dutch men. The suspects sold 11 million facemasks to two organisations in Germany, but subsequently delivered nothing.   

Criminals try to find out personal- and bank details, for example, to open a bank account, for employment in a country or to commit any other form of scamming or fraud. Therefore, we try to create awareness concerning cybercrime, especially in times of corona.  

  • Know who you’re doing business with

Criminals can pretend to be employees of a bank or another organisation. Therefore, always verify the e-mail address or telephone number on the official website of the organisation. Search the website for a quality mark or for reviews before sharing personal data or making a payment. Various web shops already offered face masks and other prevention tools to find out personal and banking information.

  • Be careful with e-mail and social media

Criminals approach their victims in the name of a government institution or another organisation via online communication tools such as e-mail and social media. The message contains malicious software or a link to retrieve personal- or bank details and banking information with all its consequences. Examples of this form of scamming the antibacterial bank card from the bank or a lower cost-energy.


Prevention is better than cure

It’s crucial to raise awareness about the risks concerning identity fraud, especially in times of corona, in which people make more use of online communication tools. Do you want to be sure who you’re doing business with?  

DataChecker takes care of the identification- and verification process. It is possible to identify and verify remotely, which is essential for organisations to stay productive, especially in times of corona. The processes are set up safely in accordance to the GDPR legislation.  By using the  remote onboarding solution your organisation is able to continue the identification an verification process of clients, tenants, suppliers and employees.