Privacy in times of corona

01 oktober 2020

How do you know who you’re doing business with? Criminals are creative in uncertain times and respond quickly to the fear as due to the coronavirus. Privacy protection is therefore an extra important topic right now. Privacy Zeker and DataChecker are combining forces to support organisations even better with the compliance to the GDPR in both legal and technical areas.

How can you work from home in a secure environment?

Privacy Zeker advises entrepreneurs on how to work safely from home. Many entrepreneurs have to look for an alternative for physical consultation or face-to-face conversations. Video calling is a fitting solution, but how can you prevent data from falling into the wrong hands? Consider, for example, working via a VPN or sending privacy sensitive mail via a secure environment.

How can you comply with the privacy regulation?

Privacy Zeker offers legal tools, legal documents and guidance to comply with the privacy regulation. The online program of Privacy Zeker helps entrepreneurs to discover the GDPR requirements for their organisation in an easy way and provides fitting recommendations. Privacy Zeker creates the required legal documents for the company, such as, privacy regulations and cookie statements.

Know who you’re doing business with (remotely)

So, there are alternatives for physical contact, but how can you be sure of who you’re doing business with? DataChecker takes care of the identification- and verification process in an easy and secure way. It is very important to know who you are doing business with while sharing privacy sensitive information. It’s possible to identify and verify remotely, which is essential for every organisation, especially in times of corona. All processes are set up in accordance with the Dutch version of the GDPR and AML.