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Software integrations for employment agencies

28 mei 2019

The recruitment and temporary employment sectors represent a major portion of the job market. Agencies do an overall great job of connecting companies and personnel (primary processes). At the same time, not as much attention is paid to other secondary processes like automation and digitisation.

As such, companies in the recruitment field are forced to perform a multitude of tasks manually. This impacts efficiency and increases the risk of errors.

Satisfied recruitment agencies, satisfied job candidates

According to an article by Flexmarkt, organisations in the recruitment field who have automated their processes are satisfied with the results. No less than 93 per cent indicate that automation saves time. 67 per cent have also been able to decrease their costs. Of course, the opinion of job agency candidates also matters here. 71 per cent of candidates have noticed an improvement in the job application process thanks to automation.

Disparate software systems

Many employment agencies have not yet integrated their back-office activities. That involves the use of disparate software systems for screening, recruitment, and administration. When errors are made in those cases, it becomes much more difficult to rectify those mistakes.

The most efficient solution is to integrate everything into one system. That saves time and ultimately also money.

At the moment, multiple job agencies are making great strides in terms of those integrations. They are forming partnerships to speed up and protect the identification process. That is crucial in terms of the optimisation of business processes.

Automation of software

Some businesses are developing solutions to integrate the entirety of a company’s software into one system. That allows companies in the job recruitment field to use their valuable time more efficiently. The automation of software then leads to improved focus on the primary processes, like recruiting high-quality staff.

DataChecker has also taken note of this development in the market. DataChecker is responding to this trend by, for example, integrating checks on ID documents or Right To Work Checks for the Netherlands into the recruitment agency’s system.

Would you like to discover more about the possibilities for integrations into your own system? Our colleagues are happy to help!