Just a social media screening is not enough

10 juli 2018

Looking through someones social media profile to check their identity is not enough, use an extra check to validate their identity

Using a proper identity verification is crucial when using social media profiles to learn about the history and interests of a person. Social sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, do not verify the identity of someone creating a new profile. Profiles you find are not necessarily true. As a result, social media screening as part of a hiring process is worthless without proper identity verification.

How to recognize a fake social profile?

There are a lot of fake profiles on various social sites. Some are easy to spot. Little activity, only a few friends that include a lot of celebs, responses not in line with the posters’ alleged age. In the absence of a proper identity verification, creating a fake profile is as easy as coming up with a name and finding a suitable profile picture online. The picture could be a good check by the way. Use the profile picture in Google image search. If it shows up a number of times under different names, there’s a good chance that you are dealing with a fake profile.

Checking a social media profile

Somebody with the wrong intentions will take more time creating the fake profile. If it is for obtaining a new job under false pretenses or getting a date for shady reasons is inconsequential. Is the profile you found too good to be true? It probably is. A full, hundred percent match is a reason for suspicions. Also, consider the network shown in the profile. Especially in HR, you should find somebody you already know in that particular network. The world is always smaller than your own, professional network. Use it to gather further intel.

Genuine profiles using DataChecker’s ID-check

DataChecker handles digitized identity documents. Using the ID-check service, of the more comprehensive HR employment check, you will ascertain the identity of your discussion partner, job seeker or potential supplier beyond any doubt. You will meet all the official requirements. It will also ensure you that you are using a genuine identity for your research on social media profiles.

Would you like to be sure?

Are you interested in using proper and checked identities for the person(s) you want to screen? We are happy to assist. A short interview is all that is needed to discuss your needs and wants.