DataChecker Web Summit 2019

29 november 2019

From November 4 to 7, DataChecker joined Loyals and CopyRobin as an exhibitor at the largest technology event in the world; Web Summit 2019.

What is Web Summit? 

Web Summit is the foremost technology event for knowledge gathering and networking. Web Summit 2019 counted 70,000 attendees and over 1,200 speakers sharing the latest techniques and developments in data, marketing, and communication. Thanks to the numerous speakers, no technology-related topic was left undiscussed.

Our Web Summit experience

The Netherlands was strongly represented by a delegation that included fintech companies with innovative solutions to make processes more effective, efficient, and sustainable. This year, the Web Summit organisation succeeded once again to inspire attendees through a multitude of events and speakers. A few examples are world-famous whistleblower Edward Snowden, Huawei’s CEO Guo Ping, and actor Jaden Smith.

Additionally, each day was packed with networking events. It was clear that the average visitor had compiled a structured programme for themselves. Scheduled meetings and keynotes ensured that attendees were inspired by the newest technologies presented by the participating exhibitors.

DataChecker counts Web Summit 2019 as a great success. Once again, we experienced a high demand for online identification and verification solutions. The result was that all three of us spoke continuously with interested attendees during the entire four days of the exhibition. DataChecker made a high number of new connections, opening up opportunities to build relationships with organisations in various sectors.

Source: DataChecker Web Summit 2019